Overgrown – Poem by Me

So much has changed in so little time
and yet we are still here; seems to invalidate
our progress, doesn't it? Hair longer,
the new plants in Mom's garden sprouted,
our favorite fruits back in season.
Contented sighs of more to-do lists
checked off, days crossed off on the calendar
and under our belts. And yet, that only
makes me feel more out of place. Ready
for the next thing, the next year, always moving--
where to next? I am tired of sprinting in place.

I hope you enjoy this short piece! It was inspired by the upcoming end of my junior year (absolutely insane), which despite being jam-packed full of hard work and occasional meltdowns, still felt uneventful because of all the time spent at home and/or alone. I hope you all are finishing/have finished your school years strong. Please feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.



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