New Dreams – Poem by Me

There's been a shift in the sky--
I know you saw it too. When the clouds

rolled away and the pavement seemed
lighter, all of a sudden, we did too.

I dream in color, of us faraway from here
but together. The life, any life

we would want, is just out of reach.
In one of my dreams, we drove up

to the mountains. A light layer of snow
stuck to the sides of my sneakers

and I didn't want to get back in the car.
I jumped off the peak, flying and falling--

ready to grasp at the air for what could've been. 

I hope you enjoyed this piece! It’s a shorter one, clearly inspired by some of the quirky dreams I’ve been having lately. I wish I could remember all of them… especially considering the ones I do remember get fuzzy only a few minutes after waking up. Please feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there!



Still Not Me – Poem

Look in the mirror
See a different person every time
I begin to wonder when it will become
clear who she really is
How can I distinguish between
masked facade and true self
when it all changes each day?
It becomes easy to focus on looks
when that's the only constant
in a person. My hair, my eyes, 
the softened edges of my face--
a familiar exterior ponders 
what is truly inside
and how I will find out.

I hope you enjoyed this super short piece! It was a slight bit dramatized but it was still something I’d been wanting to write. Please feel free to leave feedback or writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.


Lying in Wait – Poem

Not lying really, just sitting
I am always truthful to you
Tapping my fingers
on my steering wheel,
I think of how much has changed
in these short few months 
that bleed together--
there is so much we're still waiting
for. The roads we take everyday
are bridges to what's to come
and we both know this is not the end.
The sun peeks through cloud cover
and for the first time this spring,
we can really see it shine. 
Another reminder that time is fleeting
and something is coming.
I would wait here forever, but
it won't take that long.

I hope you enjoyed this short poem! Happy National Poetry Writing Month 🙂 I have to admit this poem was partially inspired by “Wait For It” from Hamilton. I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack more than I’d like to admit, and my favorite songs shift every few months… I bet you can guess what one of my current favorites is! Please feel free to leave feedback or writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.


In the Road – Poem by Me

Early morning, short commute
Feeling careless on a Friday
and so is everyone else;
a man stops in the middle
of the on-ramp your car
climbs every morning, 
mornings just like this one
A line of red glares, brake
lights abruptly on as we
all stomp our feet on the pedal
He shrugs and keep walking
We all must go
What if someone hadn't stopped?
These are the questions I ponder
because somewhere else,
sometime else,
it all could end very differently.

I hope you enjoyed this short piece! It’s actually a very simplified description of the fear I experienced when driving to school earlier on the day I’m writing this. Luckily no one got hurt… except for a car a couple cars behind me that got rear-ended. But no people were hurt, and that’s what matters. Maybe car accidents are on my mind since I just finished reading The Great Gatsby in English class 🙂 Stay safe and healthy out there.