In the Road – Poem by Me

Early morning, short commute
Feeling careless on a Friday
and so is everyone else;
a man stops in the middle
of the on-ramp your car
climbs every morning, 
mornings just like this one
A line of red glares, brake
lights abruptly on as we
all stomp our feet on the pedal
He shrugs and keep walking
We all must go
What if someone hadn't stopped?
These are the questions I ponder
because somewhere else,
sometime else,
it all could end very differently.

I hope you enjoyed this short piece! It’s actually a very simplified description of the fear I experienced when driving to school earlier on the day I’m writing this. Luckily no one got hurt… except for a car a couple cars behind me that got rear-ended. But no people were hurt, and that’s what matters. Maybe car accidents are on my mind since I just finished reading The Great Gatsby in English class 🙂 Stay safe and healthy out there.



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