Out of Time – Poem by Me

time passes by too quickly
crossing off each day on the calendar
soon your red pen has slashed through
all 365 boxes, and we start again
one day you’re basking under the golden sun
the next you’re boarded up in your room
draped in blankets as you turn the heat on
as if you haven’t seen the real sun in years
thoughts of summer are slipping away
the same sensation as a tickle in your nose
but you’re pale as a ghost
and just as soon, the new comforter you 
bought for extra warmth that winter
is tearing at the seams; you’re overheating
under it anyways, the summer heat returned
you used to sit down and write about these
moments, the little things in life
			until you ran out of time.
always chasing the clock
they say, “we all have the same amount of hours
in a day, it’s what you do with them”
but does it really matter what we do
when the clock is always ticking?
because no matter how much time you have
you’re never going to do that thing
that you wished to have more time for
it’s always been your choice: 
			frantically race against the clock
			or follow your heart and
			let yourself
						out of	

I hope you enjoyed this piece! Funnily enough, I wrote this before COVID-19 even hit… it only rings more true now. Time is short and extremely valuable, so I hope you all are making the best of your situations and hopefully doing well… how is it already spring? Please feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.



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