Still Driving – Poem by Me

I only dream of journeys,
various point As to their matching

point Bs. No longer a passenger,
both hands must stay on the wheel,

eyes on the road, foot jiggling
carefully as it hovers above

the accelerator. I see accidents again
and again-- I can't count the amount

of times per day on my fingers.
Is there not a better way, an emptier

road, to get us where we need to go?
Always asking the wrong questions--

I do not know, maybe have never known,
where I am headed. So I go on,

in control of the car I fear so much.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece! Half of the inspiration I get these days is from my daily drives to and from school… although I am no stranger to car rides, driving so much more often is a bit intimidating. There’s a ton of construction on the freeways and other roads where I live and it’s really brought out the craziness in people. Feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.



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