Hometown – Poem by Me

not many people make it out of here; i still can't
determine whether that's by choice or not

i dream of white Christmases, of crisp leaves
at my feet, of picturesque towns that experience

all four seasons. i'm a traitor, an oddball, a black
sheep for wanting to leave the sunshine and

brave the cold elsewhere, for wanting to leave this
town like my mother and father both failed to do.

i could argue it was just as much their choice to stay
as it wasn't, but their story and their home will

remain theirs. i'm going to find a new

I hope you guys enjoyed this piece! It’s definitely a summary of my current situation with my family and hometown. I live in southern California, so people look at me like I’m crazy when I say I want to go pretty much anywhere else for college; I know I’m blessed to have grown up here, but I want to experience seasons and life elsewhere. It’s also way too expensive. Let me know if you have a similar perspective, or if you have any feedback on this piece. Stay safe and healthy.



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