Please Come Back – Poem by Me

why did you have to leave?
     sometimes i forget that you did but
i'm proud of myself for that
     it took too long to realize forgetting

would make it easier. 
     adjusting to life without you was hard.
reflecting on life with you is harder.
     and i can't help but wonder 

where i would be now
    if you were still here to guide me.
please come back, but also
    don't. i've made it too far and you've

been gone too long. if i had to guess
    where you were, i'd say you
were chasing the sun and dancing
    with the stars. if i ever

need to reach you, 
     maybe i'll meet you there

I hope you enjoyed this piece! Please let me know if you have any feedback on this poem, or any writing challenges you’d like to see me try out in the near future. Stay safe and healthy. 🙂



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