Europe Day 8: Beach Day in Sorrento

Welcome back everyone! Today was our last day here on the Amalfi coast so we decided to do a beach day. We got up early and ate breakfast at the hotel per usual, then went back upstairs and put our bathing suits on. We walked down the steps and windy road to the beach. Our hotel didn’t have beach towels and we didn’t bring any, so we chose to go to the only beach that had towels available to use.

After paying for towels and tickets, we set up shop on the sunbeds on the little “pier” next to stair access to the ocean. There were also stairs that went down to the small sand area (what you would normally consider a beach), but the stairs nearest to us went straight into the water and you could swim out there if you wished. There were also little rafts attached by anchors to float on. I put on sunscreen and sunbathed for an hour while my dad swam around and my mom and brother waded by the sand. After my dad returned to our stuff, I finally got in the water. It was cold at first but I warmed up quickly and swam to the rafts to continue sunbathing. The water was a rich, deep green but would definitely be clearer if it weren’t for the sand being such a dark brown.

Once I swam back to the pier/lounge area, we decided we were hungry and ready for food. The beach club had a restaurant so we ate there- I had a margherita pizza and it was delicious as always. You can’t really go wrong with getting pizza or pasta at any of the restaurants in this town. After we finished up with lunch, my mom and I searched for sea glass on the sand. There was actually SO MUCH, which was surprising for us. We both had full handfuls by the time we came back. I kept sunbathing until I decided to go in the water again and lay out. The beach was stunning, I could’ve stayed there forever between the views, warm water, and food.

We went back to the hotel room and showered off because after a day in the sun and the sweaty walk back we all felt disgusting. My mom and I walked through the town and brought all of our clothes to a local self-service laundromat because we were running out of non-sweaty warm weather clothes. It took about an hour and a half to do laundry (30 min wash, 1 hour dry) and we stopped for gelato on our way back to the room. My dad’s friend’s family met us at our hotel a little while after we got back, and they brought us to a more “local” dinner place in a little square more frequented by actual town residents than tourists.

The food was AMAZING- I got a pepperoni pizza and it was light yet filling and the pepperoni was the best I’d ever had. It was also just so fun to see my dad’s friend and her family (they’re going to the US soon and hopefully we’ll get to see them!), and get a taste of actually living here in Italy by the coast. I was talking to their daughter who’s 7 years old and I was just fascinated because I can’t imagine being so young and just naturally bilingual, calling this beautiful town home. After we ate, we went next door to a gelato place that was WAY better than the touristy ones on the main side of town. I got an oreo flavor and even though my stomach hurt after (I’m sensitive to dairy, clearly the food here isn’t helping but I love it anyways), it was so worth it.

The little plaza we were in was so cute. All of the local kids were out and eating gelato, there was live music and a girl singing who was really good, and the town just came alive. Our friends walked us back to our hotel and we took a group picture for memories before saying goodbye. Afterwards, we had to repack all of our stuff and fold the clothes we washed earlier because tomorrow morning we leave for ROME! I’m really going to miss this adorable beach town but I’m excited to move forward with our trip. We’re touring Pompeii tomorrow on our way to the Naples train station and then taking a train to Rome. I’ll keep you updated!


A picture of the beach/boardwalk from the interesting angle of the women’s bathroom line.

The view of the ocean from my sunbed, facing the sand/shore.

A lovely picture of our laundry machine that took us 10 minutes to figure out how to start.


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