Europe Day 7: Exploring Sorrento

Hello everyone! Today was a much-needed day of decompressing for us, and luckily we still had some fun in this beautiful town. We woke up early and got ready for breakfast, which was AMAZING! There were so many options here with SO many pastries, eggs, fruit, yogurt, toast, pancakes, cereal, ham, cheese, and more.

After eating, we began to walk around the town. It’s a smallish area so there were mainly tourists out and the locals seemed to still be sleeping for the most part, but it was already so hot even at only 9am! My dad was curious about what some of the nicer hotels with coastal views looked like, so we wandered around the grounds of some of those and explored most of the main streets. We were all sweating so we stopped back at the hotel to go to the bathroom and then went out to meet a friend of my dad’s who happens to live in a nearby town. She moved here once she met her husband who is from the area, and she showed us around and explained how we could access the coast/beach areas. We went to a park area where we could see the beach down below and the water was stunning. We were considering doing a day trip to Capri but were unsure, and she talked us out of it (my brother and mom get seasick, plus she said it’s not too special).

We grabbed lunch at one of the restaurants, and I got spaghetti. It was delicious and it tasted so fresh. As a side note, the bread that all the restaurants put out is heavenly and I really appreciate more opportunities to eat bread. Anyways, it was fascinating to hear about my dad’s friend’s experience living here in Italy. She brought her two-year-old son here to meet with us and I kept thinking how insane it would be to live in a small town like this but in such a beautiful country, living your daily life here. After we finished lunch, she escorted us to the nearest supermarket so we could stock up on water bottles and then we said goodbye.

We came back to the hotel again, as most things close in this town after lunch for the afternoon siesta/nap. My brother and I just watched some YouTube and caught up with social media while my parents slept. It was so hot outside (especially compared to Paris) that we were all drained. After a couple hours we were ready to head out again, but we still weren’t prepared for how hot it had gotten at that point in the afternoon. We got some gelato first to prepare ourselves- I got chocolate chip and I enjoyed it, but it didn’t taste too different from ice cream. We wandered through the streets again and decided to walk down to the water. It seemed daunting at first because of how high up we seemed to be and how many stairs there were, but it actually was a very quick walk once we got started. The stairs only took about two minutes and then we were walking down the main road to get to the pier area.

We walked through the area (there were lots of boats and travel agencies for excursions, etc.) and made our way down the boardwalks that led to the “beaches” and the sand. It was super crowded but it didn’t matter because we just wanted to see it, not go in at this point. It was gorgeous and the water looked very refreshing. It was about 85 degrees and the humidity was pretty strong by our standards (meaning it felt even hotter), so we decided to buy some cold waters by a nearby stand and sit on some benches in the shade for a little while. When we were done, we began the short journey back. We walked around a bit more and found another little viewing area where you could see the ocean as well, but after that we were all tired and sweaty and ready for another break.

My dad and brother went back to the hotel room while my mom and I decided to try and go shopping to find her a dress. We had no luck, but it was still eventful because we got to explore more streets and spend more time outside getting to know the town (even if we were basically melting). We then met back at the hotel room and relaxed, getting ready for dinner. Clearly it was a lazier day, but it was quite nice.

We went to the restaurant right next to our hotel because they have a window where you can see them making pizza fresh for take-away, and it smelled delicious. I had already had so many carbs today that I decided to get roast chicken instead, but it was also very good and juicy. My dad got a pizza and I had a bite- it put all other pizzas to shame. After dinner, we walked around the town and went back to the ocean viewing area we found previously to try and watch the sunset. It was kind of cloudy so there wasn’t a real sunset, but it was still a pretty view and we stayed for a little bit.

I wanted to walk all the way down the main street in town (the street we kept walking on) so we did, and we made it all the way out to a completely different section of ocean view hotels. There was a nice spot where we could see the ocean from a different angle so we took some pictures there, and headed back. It was finally dark, so we stopped at a bar/restaurant to get drinks and a snack before finally returning to our hotel at around 9:30pm. It was funny though at the bar because they were playing European MTV on the TV, but it was still all American music videos. We’ve been in the hotel room just getting ready for bed since, and making rough plans for tomorrow.

Traveling is fascinating to me because whenever I visit a new place it is evident of its own lifestyle and culture, even if only a short distance away from home. My suburban environment in Southern California just seems so standard/normal/typical, but this trip is opening my eyes to the completely different lives that people lead all over the world. Seeing my dad’s friend and hearing about her family is just an example of that; we also saw very young kids dancing in the town square at night after dark, and people drive CRAZY here. It’s just so different, and I know that may seem obvious, but it’s just interesting to put yourself in these local people’s shoes and observe the uniqueness of each place. Tomorrow is our last full day here on the Amalfi coast and we’re planning on heading to the beach, so I should have fun things to write about!


The entry to one of the stunning hotels on the edge of the cliff/coast we saw.

Dozens of scooters parked in lines on the street- everyone drives these here!

A strange angle from above, but these are the “beaches” here- the water is beautiful, but there’s not much sand at least in this town.

The beach once we walked down.

A different part of the beach from the viewing area.

Our sunset view from that same area.

The view at the end of Sorrento’s main street, a bunch of hotels that have coastal views up on the hillside.


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