Volunteer Project Inspiration – No-Sew Blankets

Hello everyone!

Today I have something a little different to share with you all. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I volunteer a lot through a variety of organizations and groups both inside and outside of school. For one of the volunteer groups I’m in outside of school, we often make no-sew fleece blankets. We volunteer these blankets to a variety of charities and groups of people in need; the most recent batch was donated to a local charity that works with foster kids.

It’s a super easy way to give back, and the only supplies you need are fleece from a fabric store and scissors. You choose a length and width of the strips and cut the piece of fleece on all sides, and then you tie every two pieces together into any knot of your choosing. It took me about 10-15 minutes per blanket, and I’ve made dozens over the course of all the meetings where my volunteer group worked on them. The one thing I would say to be careful of is to not make the knots too tight, since the fabric will start to bunch up and make weird rounded corners if you do.

It’s an easy and rewarding project. If you’re looking to get involved in your community or start your own volunteering, try getting a group of friends together and making a big batch of these blankets, then finding a worthy cause to donate them to. I would recommend trying to find coupons and deals for whatever fabric store you buy the fleece from it, because it can be a little pricey if you buy large amounts at a time.

I found this picture off of Google Images (credit: Virginia Club of New York) but it’s basically what the blankets should look like when tied.

I hope you consider taking on this project! It’s always nice to give back to people in your community and even though the winter’s almost over, it’s still chilly and there are always people who are looking to stay warm. I know I felt good whenever I turned some blankets in or folded up a stack I had made and saw the impact my volunteer group would have on these kids being able to stay warm.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed hearing about this fun way to give back. I love to volunteer in any way that I can, and I just wanted to pass an idea along for others to do the same. Let me know if you end up trying it, and how it goes!