5 Ways to Make Reading Fun (for Book-Haters)

Welcome back everyone!

I talk about this a lot, but I love to read. I can’t imagine my childhood without the hundreds of books I pored over, and weekly trips to the library. I’m really lucky that my parents introduced me to reading so young and encouraged me to keep reading and find books I loved. However, I know that not everyone is lucky enough to grow up the same way, or even if they are, not everyone ends up liking reading as they get older.

Reading is so beneficial even if you’re not a book-nerd; it helps you grow your vocabulary, it provides an escape from the outside world, and books will always teach you something new. If you’re one of those people who dreads required reading for school or can never follow a plot line: never fear, here are five ways you can make reading more enjoyable.

  1. Try nonfiction – I know nonfiction sounds boring at first; there’s no creative fantasy worlds being carefully crafted by the authors, that’s for sure. However, in a lot of cases, people who don’t like reading fiction can find nonfiction books specifically catered to their interests. For example, read a book written by your favorite celebrity, or read a self-help book related to something you’ve been struggling with. There’s a book for everyone out there, and nonfiction books catered to your interests are often easier to find than that of fiction.
  2. Find your niche/genre – Similar to how trying nonfiction can open you up to a world of books you enjoy, exploring different genres can completely change your perspective on the reading experience. Maybe you hate fantasy novels, but you’d really like murder mysteries, or vice versa. Think of what TV shows/movies you enjoy watching, and try to find something comparable in book form.
  3. Look for storylines or plot elements you can relate to – I always found I loved stories that brought in elements of relatability. This is why I tend to gravitate towards realistic fiction when I need something new to read. I think when people can relate to the main character or something about the main character’s life, they’re so much more invested in the story and can often connect with the overarching message of the book.
  4. Join a book club or create a discussion group with friends – If your friends are up for it, this is a great way to get more immersed into books. You’ll have a reason to keep reading on a timeline, and you can get some insight on why other people with different perspectives are enjoying the book. A shift in perspective can be just what you need to start enjoying reading!
  5. Read to learn – This is a more vague tip, but it honestly has helped me so much. This works more for required reading where you can’t choose what the book is, but you can use this outlook on whatever you read. Look at everything you read as an opportunity to gain insight on the world and learn something new- whether it’s a vocab word, something about history, or something specific to the themes and topic of the text. You’ll begin to enjoy the consumption of all this new information.

I hope this inspires you guys to get out there and read something new. If you happened to stumble across this post even though you do, in fact, enjoy reading, then I would love for you to leave some book recommendations down below. I plan to be doing some more book reviews and book-related content soon.