Young Writers: Submit to Intersections Magazine Now!

Hi everybody,

As you may know, I run a youth literary magazine named Intersections Magazine. We are currently accepting submissions for our fourth issue and we would love to read your poetry and prose!

I highly encourage any of you writers out there to submit, particularly if your work centers around current events or any social issues that especially impact young people like us.

You can find us at, @intersectionslitmag on Instagram, and @__intersections on Twitter (2 underscores).

Our submit page on our website is linked here or you can just head straight to our submission form if you have a piece you’re ready to send our way!

We also submit submissions to our blog through a separate submission form here.

Even if you’re not interested in submitting or not a young person, I highly encourage you to check Intersections out– we feature some amazing work and we would greatly appreciate any support 🙂



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