New Normal(s) – Poem

We have waited for so long,
are still waiting
for life to feel "normal"
again. What I do not know,
what none of us know,
is what normal really was,
and what normal will be
going forward. We keep moving
forward, trudging on,
just like we would in any time,
any crisis. Back outside now,
more people in the streets,
masks peeled off 
our sweaty faces in the summer
heat, it is time to smile, chat
with strangers again.
Not everyone is ready
& neither am I. 
I am sitting here, the wheels
in my brain moving a mile a minute
thinking this does not feel

I hope you all enjoyed this piece! Now that restrictions have been lifted where I live (in California/in the US in general), life is returning to “normal”, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s completely comfortable with that, or that this global health crisis is over. If you are in a country/area/state where COVID cases are still high, please stay safe and healthy– stay safe and healthy out there, no matter where you are. I hope you are all doing okay.



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