False Slumber – Poem by Me

Eyes heavy, sky finally dark
It's time to end the day but

when I close my eyes, I am haunted. 
Rapid eye movement underneath

closed lids, the room is spinning
and I can feel it twisting and turning

around me. It is too late for this,
body too droopy and brain much too

drowsy. We are almost always so ready
to head to bed. What about when

our bodies don't give in? I am being
kept awake, held prisoner in my bed,

forced to think about how odd it is
to sit here, lie here. There is so much

potential, even strength, in learning
how to let yourself go-- to have full control.

Isn't that all we hope for?

I hope you enjoyed this short little piece! It was inspired by a few nights ago when I was having trouble sleeping and became all too aware of just how my body felt while trying to force it to sleep. Please feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.



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