Late Night Road – Poem by Me

I see this road differently in the dark
The freshly painted white lines glowing

Each traffic light blurring as I zoom past
Does everything move faster at night?

Fifty-five feels like eighty-five now
and I, an avoider of adventure, could drive

on forever if each stretch was like this one.
No one is out-- or so it seems, until

the next light turns red and a sea of bright
headlights finally catches up. I wasn't flying;

I was out of my comfort zone, 
out of the house, and on the road. If only

every road mimicked this one, at this time,
stayed dark forever, I might get out more.

I hope you enjoy this short little piece! I’m writing this as I got back from a friend’s house on a late (for my early bird self) night drive home– there’s something special about a quiet, late night drive. Please feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there.



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