Flying Rain – Poem by Me

When the clouds roll in
and the grey skies envelop
the day, we run for cover.
I look up, embrace the water
falling at my feet, the fabric
of my clothes, my hair--
who cares about getting
drenched when it happens
so rarely? They don't want
the rain to fall on them, 
the droplets getting heavier
as more and more pool
on every surface. 
But from the clouds, 
for a time, each drop
is flying, airborne until 
the ground nears. Maybe
we are the unpleasant force

I hope you enjoyed this piece! It was inspired by the rainy days we’ve been having here in southern California. As I’m writing this, it is a beautifully grey day and the rain has just started to dry up. I can’t believe January already came and went– I hope all of your winters have been lovely and rain-filled (if you like the rain as much as I do, that is). Please feel free to leave feedback and writing challenges in the comments. Stay safe and healthy out there!


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