Masked – Prose

I can’t see people clearly anymore. The masks that now come in all colors and patterns adorning their faces are completely appropriate and there’s no doubt that people should continue to wear them. But I miss seeing the faces underneath them.

Some people always walk around guarded. Now everyone has to do so. Wear your mask, keep six feet apart, stay indoors as much as possible to avoid these awkward and paranoia-inducing encounters. It’s hard not to feel like you should just lock yourself away.

A day will come (hopefully soon) where the masks can be peeled off and life goes back to normal. But right now is not that time, and it’s crucial to be cautious and aware of our actions and their potential consequences during this time.

I may not normally be the type of person to wear a mask, but I sure am wearing one right now.

This was a super short piece, but I felt like I just needed to sum up my thoughts about this situation. We need to step back and see the bigger picture during these difficult times and work together for everyone’s best interest. Consider others and those at-risk, and make sure to do your best with social distancing, even as restrictions start to loosen. Stay safe and healthy.



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