My Favorite Mirror – Poem by Me

come on, you've got to see this
i'd always tell all my friends before dragging 

them upstairs into my bedroom. i would thrust
them before my innocent looking full-length 

mirror. chipped white wood, a design chiseled
into the stand, and shorter than me. no one 

ever understood why it was so special. 
always absentmindedly staring into this 

extraordinary ordinary mirror while sitting 
at my desk, i soon discovered its magic.

when i gazed into the glass, i saw a different me.
not different enough that i wouldn't recognize 

her, but different all the same. blonder hair,
bluer eyes, clearer skin, a more delicate frame.

the minute details that would make me more
confident in my appearance. at first i thought

i had just matured over night, growing into my 
body. but after running to the bathroom mirror

and my parents' mirror, i knew this wasn't the 
case. i didn't know whether to be disappointed

or relieved. i returned to my mirror, this magic
mirror, once my favorite mirror, and shattered

the thin layer of glass. as special as it was to see
myself in this way that no one else could, i

didn't want to be stuck on that version of myself. 
i didn't want to be the girl in the mirror if i 

would never actually be her.

I hope you enjoyed this piece! Just like my poem from yesterday, this isn’t inspired by my life, which made it interesting to write. It’s also a bit of a longer piece. Let me know if you have any feedback on this piece or any writing challenges for me to try out in the future. Stay safe and healthy.



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