How to Find Inspiration While Quarantined

Hello everyone!

When COVID-19 heated up and quarantine first started, I was trying to think on the bright side: I could write a ton and work on so many other creative pursuits I wouldn’t otherwise have time for! What I didn’t realize, however, was how difficult it would be to find inspiration and stay motivated to be productive and do these things while trapped in my house with little variation or activity around me. If you’re in a similar spot right now, keep on reading to find out how to get your creative mojo back. These are tips I’ve been using to help me stay inspired while writing, but they’re definitely not writing specific.

  1. Find a slightly different environment to work in.

I understand that we’re all in different situations and might not have as much freedom or the space to have specific workspaces, but just do whatever you can to switch up your surroundings. If you normally work in your room, try working in the kitchen. If you normally work at a desk, try laying everything out on the floor and working there- I actually love working on the floor, believe it or not. Also, try not to work in your bed, as it’s harder to stay productive and maintain a separation between rest and activity in your brain if you’re working in bed.

2. Look at Pinterest.

No matter what you’re trying to get done or what you’re seeking inspiration for, there’s probably oodles of content related to it on Pinterest. Make an inspiration board or just find examples of whatever you hope to make/accomplish. You could even make a collage of pictures you like from Pinterest and set it to your phone or laptop background so you’ll be reminded of it.

3. Be gentle with yourself.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to be creating content or being productive. This is a difficult and strange time for everyone, and it’s okay to take breaks or just not do anything on some days. Spend time with your family and do other fun things you usually don’t have time to do that don’t require much thought; it might be just the brain break you need to give you a new burst of inspiration.

4. Consider the time.

I couldn’t figure out how to word this better, but this is an event that will go down in history, so if you’re looking for inspiration, draw from what’s going on around you. Who knows? Your interpretation of these current events through art, writing, videography/photography, et cetera could be primary sources as to what was going on in history when people look back on this time. I’m sure we all have a lot of conflicting feelings surrounding how COVID-19 is affecting us and our world, so use that in whatever you’re working on. Embrace it!

5. Try something new.

You have all this time to work on what you love doing, but that also means you have all this time to try other new things that you may fall in love with! If you’re struggling to find inspiration for one thing, get out of your comfort zone and do something completely different. When I had a little case of writer’s block, I tried sketching, something I would never usually gravitate towards since I’m not a good artist. It was actually really fun, and I returned to my writing afterwards. Find a different creative outlet, try it out, and when you’re done use that experience to get inspired in what you were doing previously.

I hope these tips helped you out and inspire you to seek out even more inspiration 🙂 Like I’ve mentioned a million times, these are unprecedented and strange times, but we might as well make the most out of them. Whatever that looks like for you, I hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for and use this time to your advantage. Stay healthy and safe.



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