My Blogging Goals

Welcome back everyone!

I’ve been blogging on here since June of 2019, and I’d like to think that I’ve made a lot of progress, grown my blog a decent amount (not a ton, but more than I expected!) and come up with a lot of interesting content. That being said, I know this is only the beginning and I plan to keep blogging for a long time, so I thought it might be interesting if I shared my blogging goals with you all. Also, by writing them down and sending them out into the universe, hopefully they’ll come true. If you want to hear my goals for this blog or get inspired to set goals for your own blog, keep on reading!

Goal One: Figure out what my main “purpose” of this blog is, or determine some sort of genre/niche.

I’ve explored many different topics on this blog and tend to write about whatever I want or whatever pops into my head that week, which has been wonderful! It’s a great creative outlet, and I’ve enjoyed getting to see how people respond to the different types of content I’ve posted. However, I feel that as I’ve gained more readers, there may be a split in what people followed/came across my blog for. I don’t want to be disappointing people who came to my blog in search of a certain type of content, and then completely shift away from posting that type of content. Also, many expert bloggers suggest you have a specific niche or topic you blog about in order to connect with your audience. Right now, my blog is kind of just me in blog form, offering up any advice I have and discussing my high school adventures (that’s where the name came from!). I don’t want to limit myself to only writing posts centered around one topic, but I’d like to kind of narrow my focus so it’s easier to connect with you guys and help people find the content they’re looking for.

Goal Two: Make blog friends and find blogs similar to mine.

I’ve come across a few really cool blogs, and I tend to check out a lot of the people who end up liking my posts or following me (and I check out everyone who leaves a comment :)), but I haven’t interacted with other bloggers as much as I’d like to. I’d be interested in possibly doing a guest post exchange with people, and just meeting people who like to write about the same things I do, because that would obviously mean we have some things in common and would get along. Blogging is a form of social media, so I want to make my blog a more, well, social experience.

Goal Three: Figure out how to optimize my blog’s SEO/get people to be able to see my blog when they search stuff.

I have no idea if I worded this correctly or how to do this, but I know WordPress has tools that can help. I just want this blog to get more exposure since I work really hard on it and have enjoyed the slow, steady growth so far. I’m definitely not doing this to make money or to get famous as I know how unlikely that is and that wasn’t my intention in making a blog; I’ve created this blog as a safe, creative space to share my thoughts and hopefully some helpful advice. That being said, I want to make sure my thoughts and advice get seen, especially by people who are searching for content like mine! I have to figure out how to do this, but I’m sure some online research will do the trick.

Goal Four: Make my blog more aesthetically pleasing and organized, formatting-wise.

I have a basic layout and I haven’t experimented much with the things I can do with my blog page. I’d like to make it represent me and my content a little more. I’d also like to organize the different categories of posts I make better so it’s easier to navigate in case anyone’s confused (I know I would be) by all the different types of content I have on my page. Again, this is something I could probably figure out easily by doing some online research or just reading WordPress’s guides, but I’ve held off just because even once I know how to edit these things, I’m not sure where I want to go with it/how I want to customize my site.

Those are my four main blogging goals at the moment. I hope they inspire you fellow small (or medium, or large!) bloggers out there, or just gave you some insight into what I hope I can do with this blog in the near future. I highly recommend starting a blog even if you don’t know what you want to do with it- that’s what I did at first, and now it’s something I look forward to working on every week.


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