An Eternal Second – Poem by Me

Hello everyone!

The slow passing of time is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss on my blog for a long time. It was another one of those things where I didn’t know how to formulate it into a formal blog post, but I knew what I would say if I was making it the subject of a poem. I’ve been so happy to see positive feedback on my poetry, so I took this as an opportunity to write another poem to share with you guys.

An Eternal Second

tick, i hear the clock- but it doesn’t tick again. here we are in this moment together. it feels like just yesterday you and i met, yet it’s been years. years filled with memories, memories stuck to now-yellowing pages filed away in a cabinet in the back of my mind. i’ve been with you so many times while staring at a clock just like this. sometimes i’m wishing for time to go by faster, sometimes i’m praying that we can stay in this moment. if time’s going by so slow yet so fast at the same time, then all we really have is now. maybe time isn’t passing at all…

tick, i hear the clock again. i blink; the noise snapped me out of my thoughts. it’s proof the moment’s gone, but at least we’re still here together.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. I know my poem’s have kind of a weird structure/lack of structure, but hopefully that makes them more relatable and easy to understand. It makes me so happy to come up with new work that I can share with you guys- I’ve never really had a designated place to share my writing before.



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