Speed of Light – Poem by Me

I apologize for the bad quality- it’s straight from Google Images. Here’s the prompt list that inspired this poem.

Hello everyone!

I was searching through Google images looking for poetry prompts again, and I found this list above that really inspired me. I was particularly intrigued by the speed of light one, so I’ll be sharing a poem with you guys based on that today. I’d also like to thank you guys for the support I’ve received from my poems thus far.

Speed of Light

3.00 x 10 to the eighth meters per second couldn’t feel any slower in the dark but it’s fast enough to bring us together while we bask in the glow of a humid summer day. i think love might travel faster than light because it’s too easy to fall into it- it’s not even considered traveling when you’re in free fall. light casts a shadow on your love; it’s hard to look past the rays of sunshine and and accept the darkness. but in the end, light travels and we’re stuck on the ground. in both the light and the dark, it’s you and me.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. Please feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions for future poetry prompts, as I’m always looking to improve my work and try new things 🙂



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