Is it Better to be a Thinker or a Do-er?

Hello everyone!

As an overthinker constantly experiencing mini-existential crises, I spend a lot of my time just thinking about stuff. I know that’s probably the least descriptive way to explain it, but it’s the best way I can think of. My mind wanders easily and before I know it, I’ll have spent an hour laying in bed contemplating life or getting caught up in random articles on the Internet when I was originally just trying to look up one question. I guess you could describe me as easily distracted, but I think that has more of a negative connotation.

Based on this, I would describe myself as more of a thinker. I deliberate on things for a long time before I act on them (sometimes to the point where it’s ridiculous and I’ve wasted a lot of time), and I can be very indecisive. I like to learn and ask questions, but I often do it in more of a random, independent exploration-way. Since I’m also pretty shy/introverted, I don’t speak up or actively seek out learning in group settings as much.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this- I used to think I was odd for being this way, but everyone’s different. In fact, part of the reason I’m writing this is because I hope some of you can relate. I’ve never been the person to think of a great idea and immediately take action, or step up to be a leader. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this; the problem for me personally is that I often wish I was more of a leader, a “doer”, if you will.

Even though I’m shy, I’ve always gravitated towards extroverted, leader-type people; most of my friends are a lot more outgoing than me. They inspire me because of their leadership abilities and their drive to just take action whenever an opportunity comes up. I’m still working on verbalizing more of the ideas/thoughts I come up with, and being more comfortable talking/leading people, but I have a long way to go. It’s not that I think I need to be a leader in order to be a successful/good/happy person, it’s that I’ve always had the internal desire to be one.

Lots of people desire to be something other than what they are naturally; that’s part of being human. I recently wrote a post on not comparing yourself to others, so I apologize if this post seems a bit contradictory. However, I believe that this subject of being a thinker vs. being a doer doesn’t have to be related to comparing yourself/trying to change yourself; it’s simply about you and your thought process. We all have our own ways of getting things done, but we can always improve.


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