My Cheer Camp Packing List & Essentials

Welcome back everyone!

Today I am going to be telling you guys everything I packed for cheer camp and my recommendations on what you should bring if you’re attending a cheer camp (or any sports camp) yourself! My high school cheer team is attending a four day/three night camp at Knott’s Berry Farm (hosted in the hotel on the grounds, I believe), hosted by USA. USA stands for United Spirit Association, and we attend one of their camps every summer; we also go to some of their local events and clinics. Last year we went to their camp held at UCSB where there were no linens or toiletries provided, whereas we staying in a hotel this year that provides a few of those things. Therefore, I definitely packed a little less this year: no towels or bedsheets!

Here’s everything I packed for this adventure:

  • My cheer uniform (liner- long sleeve part, shell- tank top part with logo, skirt, undershorts)
  • Cheer shoes
  • Socks (no-show)
  • 3 pairs of Varsity shorts, 1 black and 2 blue (these were part of our required uniform order, I prefer Nike Pros but we have to wear these as a team)
  • 3 Varsity tank tops with various school logos/phrasing on them (again, part of our required uniform order, we had a certain shirt for each main day of camp)
  • 3 pairs of pajamas
  • Extra change of comfy clothes (including normal bra!!) for bus ride home
  • Theme outfit for the rally night – the theme is USA road trip destinations, we brought a bunch of touristy type things (that’s the best way to describe it I guess)
  • Underwear
  • Sports bras (1 white, 1 black, and two others of random colors)
  • Jacket
  • Black leggings
  • Nikes – there’s one night where we can go into the park, so we need non-cheer shoes
  • Sunscreen!!! This is necessary if you don’t want to get badly burnt; most cheer classes are outside since dance teams practice inside always.
  • Reusable water bottle – I have a Hydro Flask that I always bring to anything cheer related
  • Phone charger
  • Portable charger – Everyday is LONG and your phone will die if you don’t have one
  • White bow
  • Bow with our school colors and logo
  • Poms
  • Cheer backpack – we have matching ones from Varsity
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hairties, bobby pins, deodorant, perfume, hairspray, lip gloss, mascara, highlighter, bronzer, concealer, razor, soap, shampoo, conditioner, makeup remover, face wash, rubber bands for braces, chapstick, etc. **Disclaimer: my coaches made us bring makeup so we could wear it for our evaluation routines. Camp is hot and tiring so if your coaches aren’t making you, I would recommend NOT even worrying about makeup.
  • SNACKS!! Depending on your camp location (college = dining hall food, hotel = it depends), your food options may not be the greatest. Plus, all the working out will make you hungry in-between. I recommend bringing Clif bars or your energy/protein bars of choice, other quick snacks, and Gatorade chews. A good rule of thumb is to bring anything you would eat before or during a normal workout.

I hope this list helped any of you guys that are also attending a cheer camp or sports camp soon! I know USA has a lot of dance/cheer/etc. camps, so maybe some of you guys will be attending one as well- let me know if you are! I leave for camp on Monday and come back Thursday; I will definitely be posting about each day’s experience eventually, but I’m not sure if I will have time to do it while I am there. Either way, that content will be coming shortly. Let me know as always if you guys have any other requests.


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