Chapman University Yearbook Camp Day 3: Theme Packet Submission & Lots of Fun

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be covering my third day at Chapman University’s yearbook camp! I’ve already posted separately about my experiences on the first and second day of the amazing four-day camp, so make sure to go read those first if you haven’t already! The third day (Sunday, July 21st) was definitely a more laid-back day for me as a yearbook-newbie since there were more activities rather than actual class sessions like the previous day, but our editorial staff members were definitely very stressed since they were up late working the night before and had to continue working on our theme packet submission. The submission was due at 8:30pm and all of the schools at camp were also working hard to meet that deadline, so there was definitely tension for the beginning portion of the day.

My roommate and I got up at 7:00 again and headed to breakfast with our other friend around 7:30am. It was neon theme day so I wore a neon yellow t-shirt with black shorts, neon beaded necklaces, glow stick bracelets, and our EIC gave us all matching neon hats. For breakfast they had french toast sticks so I ate those with scrambled eggs and some pineapple. All of our staff met in the common room so we could head to the daily Memorial Hall opening ceremony together; there were more spirit games and announcements per usual. We didn’t win any spirit awards yet again, but it was all in good fun. There was then a challenge where each school had to go around and write different story ideas for the yearbook (unique twists on universal spreads/topics, like a unique way to cover homecoming for example). This finished up around 9:45am and then it was time for our class sessions.

Our class was held in one of the library computer labs, so we were already familiar with the location and knew where to go. The sessions were shorter- it was still broken up into two, but with only 50 minutes for each and a 10 minute break. We got the whole time to use InDesign on the computer and experiment with designs; it came in handy that the returning members had already taught us newbies the basics of the program. During the 10 minute break my friend and I ran to Starbucks again, this time getting caramel iced coffees! We were both exhausted and really needed the caffeine. Once class was over, it was time for lunch. My friend and I ate lunch together; I had salad and pizza yet again. I swung by my dorm room and checked in with her for a little bit. My other friend and I went on a walk again but it was shorter this time- we brought two of our EICs on the walk with us since they REALLY needed the break.

Once lunch was over, it was time for another elective session/lecture- our last class of the camp! My friend and I headed to one called “It’s Not a Title” per our adviser’s request; it was all about writing headlines and subheads. The instructor was nice and had us take notes, before eventually giving us sample articles to practice writing headlines for. The class let out at 2:45 and then we got to head back to the dorms. The camp held indoor games in a common area of Argyros Forum, and our adviser wanted all the non-editors to go participate. We headed there around 4:00 after some time to relax, but it was very uneventful and we ended up leaving around 4:45. All of the editors/everyone else was working on the theme packet in the library computer lab, so we headed there and fooled around on InDesign again. Dinner was at 5:45 so we packed up around 5:30 and headed to the dining hall.

I had chicken and some turkey from the deli bar for dinner with more cookies, of course! We were told to just go back to the dorms and hang out while the editors finished off the theme packet; it was due at 8:30 and they were almost done at that point. I hung out with my roommate (by the way, my roomie is one of my best friends, I’m just referring to her as that to clarify), our other friend, and one of the guys. We sat in the hallway since boys aren’t allowed in girls’ rooms and vice versa just talking about random things, until we noticed that a bunch of boys (and girls!) were having some sort of party in one of the rooms we were sitting next to. We kept joking about joining their party when one of the boys that was in there actually came out and started talking to us- the encounter was funny at first but actually a bit strange, so we all made excuses and went back to our rooms.

By this point, the theme packets had been submitted and our editors were relieved! A neon glow party (to match the day’s theme) was happening at 9:00 and we knew there would be Domino’s pizza, so we headed there. The actual party looked like a middle school dance and was in a very small space so we just grabbed the pizza, ate there, and went back to the dorms. The lights-out time was a half-hour later than normal because of the neon party (12:00 rather than 11:30), but we didn’t have plans to do anything else at first. My roomie and I both showered and got ready for bed, but around 10:00 our other friend texted us saying she was gathering almost all of the girls in her room just to hang out. We went there and just talked for a couple hours- we ended up staying until 12:00, oops! It was a great bonding experience and we shared lots of fun stories. Someone eventually knocked on the door to tell us to keep it down, so all of us except for our friend and her roomie ran into the bathroom so we wouldn’t get in trouble for being out of our rooms. That was our cue to go- my roomie and I basically ran down the hall and sighed of relief when we made it undetected into our room. We went to bed around 12:30 and I slept wonderfully since I was just so tired.

I hope you guys have been enjoying hearing about my experience at yearbook camp! A post detailing the last day (which was more of a half-day) at camp will be up tomorrow. Let me know if you guys have any requests for yearbook content or any other content- lots more is to come! I can’t believe it’s already about to be August, make sure you guys enjoy the remainder of your summer!


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