Europe Day 4: Day Tour in Versailles and more

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have to admit this was not the best day for us, but I’m here to tell you about it anyway. My family set an alarm for 6:30am so we could get ready and eat breakfast in the hotel before our day tour that left at 8:15. Our morning didn’t start off the best because I got a bad sleep last night and the breakfast buffet was more limited today, there wasn’t any fruit or eggs. I actually have caught a cold while traveling and sadly it really hit me today, especially with the cold weather and rain we got.

Originally we thought the tour was just going to Versailles and back, but it actually stopped in Giverny at Monet’s house and gardens first. It took almost an hour to get there, so I just relaxed and dozed off. There were lots of vibrant flowers and photo opportunities, but I didn’t find the actual house very interesting. It was very colorful and there were lots of paintings inside (recreations of Monets), but there wasn’t too much to see; the gardens were definitely the best part. The day started going further south here because we were supposed to meet back at the tour bus at a certain time but lots of people came back late, getting us off schedule for lunch and eventually the drive to Versailles.

Lunch was at a very small restaurant in a scenic location nearby Monet’s house, located alongside some sort of small stream or river. There were other tour groups there and it was very understaffed so this furthered the issue of being late, but at least it was a pleasant setting. It was a three-course meal included with the tour of fish, chicken, and then apple cake for dessert. I didn’t eat the fish but the chicken was pretty good and the cake was excellent, a perfect combination of sweet and crumbly. We left at about 2:00pm for Versailles, another hour long ride in which I took a nap.

The Palace of Versailles was very impressive, but it was still somewhat disappointing because on our tour we were not allowed to physically go into the gardens. Every room displayed opulent wealth, and there were carvings and pictures and molding filling almost every square inch. We stayed for about 2 hours walking through the rooms and admiring the gardens from afar. Upon departure we had to wait for people that were late coming back to the bus again, and it ended up being two hours back to Paris because of rush hour traffic.

After getting back, we immediately found a place to eat dinner. It was raining so we rushed into a small burger place and it was actually really good- the bun was fresh and the meat was juicy. Between the rain and cold weather coupled with my cold, I wasn’t feeling too well so we stopped at a pharmacy to get tissues and medicine and went straight back to the hotel. I felt bad for holding my family back from doing other things, but we were all tired and museums and such were closed by this point anyways even if they had wanted to go. The rain also put a damper on things as it was hard to walk around outside and it was much more crowded. We got back at 8pm and my parents were going to try and do our laundry at a laundromat, but it was closed as well.

It wasn’t the most successful day which was disappointing given tomorrow is our last day in Paris, but such is life (c’est la vie!). There were still some good food and good moments, and it’s for the best that we’ll get better rest tonight. We’re going to try and do laundry tomorrow morning and see the last few places we’ve been wanting to, hopefully ending up with some extra time to just walk around and enjoy the city before we leave. I’ll check back in with what we end up doing!


The pond and lilypads in Monet’s gardens.

Monet’s house with some lovely roses outside.

A view of the gardens from upstairs in the house.

The Palace of Versailles as seen from the entrance.

A particularly detailed room in the palace.

A view of the gardens from far away.

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