Europe Day 2: Landing in Paris & First Impressions

Good morning/afternoon/night everyone! Today was the second (technically first) day of my trip, when we actually landed in Paris!! I am currently writing this at the end of the day in my hotel room, exhausted since I barely slept on the flight overnight. It’s still light outside in the city even though it is past 10:00, which is crazy to me!!

Even though I couldn’t fall asleep, the flight wasn’t horrible. I watched a lot of Netflix and snacks were provided free of charge so I kept myself occupied. We landed around 3:00 and then went through security again. Side note- we used the bathroom and it was so interesting to see how different they are here! Every bathroom I’ve used today has been somewhat unique compared to what I consider a “normal” bathroom back home; they’re much smaller and high-tech here.

My mom had previously arranged for a driver to take us from the airport to the hotel, so it was easy to find our way into the city. My dad met us there with Belgian chocolates in tow from his past week of travels. We are staying at Hotel d’Espagne, a cute little hotel in the middle of Paris. Our room is quaint but nice overall, and very clean. There’s also a fresh, free breakfast buffet (looking forward to that for tomorrow) and complimentary wifi that works great, so those are huge pluses!  

My mom, my brother and I were all exhausted but we were also hungry, so my dad guided us through the streets as we searched for a place to eat. Ironically, we stopped at an American style place for burgers called The Frog and Underground. I enjoyed it; the burgers were flavorful but not too greasy.

After eating, we continued to walk through the city. Our hotel is in such a great location- there’s endless amounts of beautiful streets to walk down, and it’s only about a 20 minute walk from the Seine River and Notre Dame cathedral. We stopped to admire many of the buildings, but I was absolutely in awe of the Notre Dame. There was stunning architecture on every street we saw, and I can’t wait to see more.

Something about Paris just feels so open, more so than any other city I’ve ever visited. I have to admit, when we were first driving into the city I was a little disappointed as the areas we were driving through were dirty and I was worried it wouldn’t hold up to what I had imagined it was like. After settling in, getting some rest and food, and walking through the city I can confidently say it is even better than I imagined, just in different ways. The style and attitude of Paris is just so unique, just as I had always assumed. I feel like I’ve been transported to another world, and I can just see the history dripping from its every nook and cranny. Tomorrow I think we’re doing a more in-depth tour of the city so I’ll check in!


My view from the window before we landed- everything seemed so green and spread out before we got closer to the actual city!

A shot of the Notre Dame- both ginormous and stunning.

A shot of the street I liked mainly because of the red neon sign.

A view of the Seine River.

A low quality picture of the view from my bed in the hotel- it was 10:55pm when I took this!

A picture I took of some locks on a railing surrounding the spectator area of the Seine River.


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